Vibrations Destroy Performance. It's Time to Destroy Vibrations


Customized and Scalable Precision Balancing Solutions.

Areas of Expertise


Our (multiple) award-winning algorithm consistently provides balancing solutions below 0.1ips for more than 100 helicopter models.  Oh, did we say that an 18-month US Air Force evaluation resulted in 92% less maintenance fleet-wide?  Yeah....its that good (not to mention also being proven on C-130s in Antarctica and Cessnas in Chile.

Performance RacinG

Whether at 9000 RPM for NASCAR, or 18000 for Formula One, vibrations are "lost" energy and therefore lost performance. Through our patented technology and process, VibeTech reclaims that energy and transforms it back into HORSEPOWER for your team. If you want an extra 5-15 horsepower....just let us know (some of your competitors have...).

(PS - Be sure to warn your driver(s) not to not take the curves based on the level of vibration anymore...just trust us on this one)


More maintenance time than generating energy? Older platforms becoming too expensive?  Neighbors complaining about the noise? Metal shavings piling up in your gearbox?   Across almost all platforms, more than 70 percent of maintenance issues are directly correlated to vibrations.  Reduce the vibrations in your gearbox, driveshaft, rotor and blades and realize lower total cost of ownership and greater ROI. Oh, and be sure to ask about our dynamic, real-time trim tabs that adjust as environmental conditions do. 

Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial turbines, check. Automotive manufacturing, check. How about reducing cabin noise in electric cars?  Yep, we do that too. Whether developing balancing solutions for major, international customers, or building custom sensors and lasers to implement those solutions, VibeTech improves your product and process reliability, customer satisfaction and bottom line. 


Having to throttle back when your racing engine comes out of the water?  Your wine keeps shaking out of your glasses aboard your yacht? Maybe the enemy can easily track you because of your (quite noticeable) acoustic signature.  Well, we've seen it all and have solved most of it.  Balancing driveshafts, screws, props and blades, you will notice the difference with your marine-craft (and leave others guessing). 

Oh, we can even let your manufacturer know the mold for their components isn't balanced if you wouldn't be the first time....  

Precision Balancing

Turbine Cutaway.jpeg

Basically, if it spins, we can typically balance it.

Whether low RPM platforms such as wind turbines, or high RPM platforms such as NASCAR driveshafts or industrial turbines, our patented technology brings results.

Oh, by the way, our team has the smoothest-running ceiling fans in the business...a fringe benefit of working for VibeTech we guess :)