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International Vibration Technology VIBS clients include large clients such as NASCAR, PHI, Bristow, Rotorcraft Leasing Company, as well as many private aircraft and marinecraft owners.

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IVT has provided on-call, remote-based support of the entire global PHI fleet of over 250 helicopters since 1998.IVT was referred to PHI and was able to rectify the difficulty of getting the aircraft smooth enough to fly in the challenging environmental conditions the PHI fleet faces on a day-to-day basis.A version of the VIBS program was tailored to smooth their aircraft fleet using their existing tracking and balance equipment, which eliminated the expense to purchase special (or different) diagnostic tracking and balancing equipment.This VIBS program analyzes any helicopter’s unique configuration and identifies other hardware issues with the aircraft that affect the track and balance maintenance task.The pilot program was so successful that PHI entered into and has renewed their contract with IVT for 16 consecutive years for their entire global fleet.

. . . We have been using IVT’s services for the past 9 years and find this to be invaluable to our needs. The reduced time out of service, maintenance man hours saved, reductions in parts used/purchased and reduced wear on the aircraft due to vibrations has literally saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars. I would recommend IVT to any operator that wish’s to reduce their operation costs, time out of service and reduce wear and tear on their aircraft. . .
— Glen Cornett, Director of Maintenance, PHI, Inc.


Through a patented version of the VIBS technology, IVT has been serving select NASCAR teams for more than ten years. While most of these are under a non-disclosure or related agreement, IVT acquired a new NASCAR client during the 2014-2015 racing season -- #78 Martin Truex, Jr. 

Furniture Row Racing #78, Martin Truex, Jr

Furniture Row Racing #78, Martin Truex, Jr

During the 2014 racing season Truex Jr. placed 24th (in overall points) for the season and only had four top ten finishes.After bringing on IVT during the off-season, thus far in the 2015 season IVT has been able to provide between 8-20 extra horsepower through balancing the vehicle’s engine/drivertrain assembly on all Furniture Row Racing “long track” cars.

In contrast to the 2014 season, this season Truex Jr. is currently in 4th place (for overall points) and has 19 top ten finishes (most being top five).

Due to this year’s success, and for the first time in his career, Truex Jr. has qualified to enter the “Chase” to extend his racing season and compete with the top 16 racecar drivers in October.

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Overview of Results

  • Increased Horse Power: 15 HP (NASCAR teams consider any power increase above 3HP as nothing less than a miracle)

  • Increased Torque and Acceleration

  • Coast down was also the longest ever recorded on this particular Chassis-Dyno, at Joey Arrington’s engine facility, which indicates that every rotating component from the front of the engine to rear gear of the differential is perfectly balanced.



IVT was contracted to provide maintenance services for the fleet of over 190 helicopters, including the R-22, R-44, Bell 407, Bell 206 and Hughes 500 helicopters for Silver State Helicopters (a civilian flight school). Through the application of the VIBS solution, IVT was able to enhance fleet readiness from 43% to 96% operational readiness within a three-month period. The entire fleet maintained 90+ percent operational readiness during the three years VIBS was used as their track and balance solution.




IVT has provided on-call, remote-based support of the entire RLC fleet of over 100 helicopters since 2010. Anecdotal feedback from the customer, as well as internal IVT tracking records, continue to reflect significantly reduced maintenance costs and increased operational readiness.



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