Vibrations Destroy Performance. It's Time to Destroy Vibrations

We Are IVT

International Vibration Technology (IVT) has more than 40 years of experience developing and patenting revolutionary track and balancing solutions for customers around the world.  Our technologies are used in aviation, industrial turbine and manufacturing applications, green (wind) energy turbines, as well as high-performance (NASCAR) racing. 

We are




Our Mission:

No more vibration-related accidents, injuries or deaths...period.

increase our customer's operational ability while significantly decreasing costs.


Our Technology:

Patented and REVolutionary improvements on current balancing algorithms, providing up to 10x smoother operation Using your own equipment and personnel.


Our Results:

  • Up to 90% less maintenance Operations

  • Up to 70% less Maintenance Costs

  • Increased Safety

  • Increased Readiness and performance

  • Decreased Acoustic Signature 


our Applications:

  • Rotary, Turbofan and Propeller Aircraft

  • Turbines (wind and industrial)

  • High-speed driveshafts (incl. NASCAR)

  • marinecraft propellers

  • precision balancing



About IVT

International Vibration Technology (IVT) is an experienced Native-American, Veteran-owned business with a proven ability to deliver timely and technically viable solutions to its commercial, government and international clients. 

Our owner and Chief Technologist, Mr. Norman Serrano is the inventor of the Vibration Intelligent Balancing Solution (VIBS) and is a pioneer in the track-and-balancing industry.  

As a U.S. Air Force balancing expert in the early 1980’s, Mr. Serrano was personally recruited by Jim Chadwick (Chadwick-Helmuth founder) to help develop and field the first automated system for tracking and balancing rotorcraft.

Subsequent research led to breakthroughs in high-fidelity balancing technology, including patents and applications in fixed-wing aircraft, wind turbines and even high-speed NASCAR drivetrains.